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Sustainable Options


Floor and Foundation Re-levels

Re-levelling your home takes a team of experienced professionals and we believe we have partnered up with the best. Precision Solutions are industry experts and are able to re-level your home to millimetre accuracy.


Foundations That Last


Specifically designed for the site and with many future-proofing options available the choice of your foundation is a big part of the project. We can recommend the best options for your specific requirements.




We strongly believe that insulation is part of a wall system and should not be looked upon as a single entity. We recommend the use of Terra Lana wool insulation in combination with Magnum Board, a strong waterproof, fire & insect repellent replacement for wall board and ply that is made from a natural mineral. Talk to us and we’ll show you how this natural system works to create breathable walls that are much better for your family and your belongings.


Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Working closely with the architects and listening to your requirements we are able to offer you various building materials & products which we can incorporate in your project to help to create an environmentally friendly eco-home.



We can answer all of the questions you may have about your building project.

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