Tired of waiting for earthquake repairs to take place? We understand how frustrating it can be waiting around for action to happen.

We act as the intermediary between your insurance provider and yourself, ensuring the correct steps are taken to get your home back to how it was. We represent your needs, and successfully work alongside insurers, engineers, architects and most importantly you, the homeowner, to achieve outstanding results.

Together with our clients and their insurers, we've resolved a number of complicated and technical cases - each time with our client obtaining their goal. We're here to help, and with our extensive knowledge and experience, rest assured you're putting your trust in the right team. 

We have the skills and drive to get your project over the line, whether that be from the initial structural damage assessment, the construction phase of your project or anywhere in between.



"Premium Homes is a great building company, and we are recommending you to our friends and colleagues, We have had lots of visitors sneaking in at the weekends and admiring your work. We always found you friendly, approachable and easy to communicate with.

As our repair became an expanding project you were very generous with your time and ideas and we have enjoyed working with you all.

For Richard, Becca and I, we will be reminded of you all every day. You have created our “Forever Home” and it’s a work of art."

Homeowners, Adrienne & Richard



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