We pride ourselves on building state of the art, architecturally designed homes, successfully employing and working alongside architects and interior designers.

We also encourage the use of energy efficient technology in our builds, and adopt tried and tested environmentally and eco-friendly products, ultimately resulting in a healthier, warmer and more energy efficient property for you. We believe that building products should be used holistically to work as systems, rather than using products individually, without considering the possible consequences of grouping incompatible materials. While using superior product groups, we’ll aim to make savings for you in areas where we can.

We are experienced architectural and hillside builders so choose the team with the experience to ensure that your home is your pride and joy.

Here at Premium Homes, we instruct and adopt a “round the table” approach to achieve your vision. Our builders are our employees and our contractors are handpicked from a highly coveted list.

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 What impressed us most about Premium Homes was the way they dealt with any challenges that arose. They were right onto it – they sorted things immediately.’

And, Tonio adds, ‘Laetitia said that the support she received when she phoned the office was “absolutely amazing”’.

Homeowner – Article from Abode Magazine



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